What Is A Fertility Doula?

Fertility Doula

A Holistic Fertility Doula is a professionally trained doula who works to support you during your preconception period to help prepare your body for pregnancy. I work with you side by side on your fertility journey, acting as emotional support and guidance. Ultimately, I help to clear the clutter of information during this time and provide fertility resources, recommendations and even recipes.

I am trained to look at varying factors that are standing in between you and conception - giving recommendations in specific areas to enhance the chances of fertility. Note, that there is no time limit in working with you during this period and I am not responsible for pregnancy outcomes.

As a Holistic Fertility Doula I bring together my training as a Health and Wellness coach, chef and herbalist to the practice. I trained as a Holistic Fertility Doula under Tracie Collins and am certified by the National Black Doulas Association. For those who are already expecting, this fall I will be completing my Birth Doula training and certification. If you missed my post on deepening my healing journey you can read more here.

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