A Spark

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A Spark

Is there any better day to get started than today. Sage’s Larder was born from a desire to enjoy food in a deeper way, to recreate those joys by learning how from the inside out. My food path is a winding one where I came to cooking by baking.

I battle perfectionism daily and my first experiences in the kitchen reflect that. Nose in a book, reading and rereading the instructions before I touched one ingredient. That works for baking cupcakes to take to school the next day but not so much for dinner on the daily. 

My tastes wouldn’t let me settle for the same old recipe and I soon found my play, my mad scientist.  I began devouring recipes, using them once, twice and then turning them on their head. I took in new techniques, cookware and cuisines. I branched out to preserving and fermentation. Learning how bread rises to start my own sourdough culture from scratch and cooking down the best batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. 

The kitchen is my playground. Next up, I’ll talk farming and falling in love with a hen.