Deepening My Healing + Healing Practice

Part work and part play (and a chance to save some dollars) we embarked on a whirlwind road trip South by Midwest.

Brunswick, Georgia > Raeford, North Carolina > Durham, North Carolina > Black Mountain, North Carolina > Nashville, Tennessee > Saint Louis, Missouri* > Kansas City, Missouri* > Memphis, Tennessee* > Jackson, Mississippi* > New Orleans, Louisiana* > Tallahassee, Florida > Brunswick, Georgia

An asterisk marks the where I had an opportunity to ground myself on the State’s soil of my ancestors (minus the Texas branch). Once returning to the Georgia silty sandy loam of my farm I only had a moment to take a few deep breaths, check on my growing chicken flock and snuggle my pups before an opportunity presented itself. 

That opportunity was to join the first Holistic Fertility Doula training class with Tracie Collins and the National Black Doulas Association. It meant acting quickly, gathering resources and hitting the road to Atlanta for the weekend. Once the decision was made everything fell into place and I was on the road. 

The Holistic Fertility Doula’s role is to give women holistic support in becoming pregnant - through education in nutrition and diet, stress management, relationship, and yes - sex!

This training

  • brought me into deeper relationship to myself after surviving a miscarriage in October and the subsequent physical, mental and spiritual healing that has followed. 

  • expanded my community of women working to fill the literal gaps in our relationship to our bodies, our communities, our health care and the dismal maternal mortality rate.

  • called on my own expertise as a health coach, farmer, cook and herbalist.

I realized that I was meant to be in that room. Know that the idea of becoming a birth doula has been brewing for nearly 10 years but this time everything came together to make it happen. Following the training, I felt compelled to follow this thread further - thankfully I had the some resources and support (thank you!) to put the deposit down on the Birth Doula training in November and enroll in Herbal Medicine for Women (18-24 month herbal training with Midwife/Doctor/Herbalist Aviva Romm). 

I know there is much that will needed as I connect with potential mentors, internships, materials and the time investment that will be required. As I’ve stepped into this journey I’ve had friends/family reach out to ask how they can support. 

Number one, is moral support, a kind word of encouragement. 

Second, is to support my business through purchasing products, or allow me to walk with you through your journey by becoming your health coach/herbalist/fertility doula. Referrals count as well. 

Third, know that I also work as a contractor and facilitator - my expertise is business systems, nonprofit management, event coordination, health, food and farming. You can find my LinkedIn or website for more info. Keep me in mind for any projects you may have coming up.

Fourth, I’ve got some additional books needed for my studies (Amazon Wish List). 

I’m grateful to be on this land, to be on this path and continuing to find ways to grow and serve.