I am Jovan -- Food Alchemist, Holistic Wellness Coach & Herbalist.

Everyone has the power to change their world and change their health through growing, cooking and eating.

I believe in empowering people to make that change.

I believe we can work together to create the life of your dreams.


My friend, Jovan of Sage’s Larder gave me a jar of her Blueberry Jam. It’s so dreamy that I knew it was destined for a tasty creation that included buttered bread. It makes this sammie so awesome. She takes great care to make all of her tasty creations with the freshest fruits and veggies and you can really taste the difference. Her pickles are the bomb. They would be a great complement to this happy hour snack. Note to self: next time, serve it with a side of pickles.

Kimbrough Daniels

Wendell A

We enjoyed the class and now enjoying the quick kimchi. Really good for such a short prep and sit time. Please let us know what you have or when you have fermented products to sale off the shelf. As much as we will enjoy making this kimchi, it sure is nice to reach in the pantry and grab a jar of something home made and know it is going to be good.

Wendell A

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A Legacy Experience of a Lifetime

A Legacy Experience of a Lifetime

Being one of six professional women chosen as this year’s Les Dames d’Escoffier International (LDEI) Legacy Award was a breathtaking and timely experience for my life. From Gala to orchard, this was not your average Legacy Award trip. 

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