MY roots

Jovan Sage, creator of Sage's Larder, is also the resident pickler/fermentator/jam-maker/herbalist and owner at The Farmer and The Larder
As a little kid working in her grandfather’s shop at the City Market, Jovan got to explore the different food stalls, food trucks and farmers stands. She got to touch, see and taste food from all over the world and from local farms. It was there that she discovered the intoxicating allure of international spices – curries, fenugreek, cumin, paprika, peppers, ginger & turmeric. This foundation has shaped her palate and spice cabinet. 

Jovan has spent 15 years working with local, national and international non-profit organizations and spending the last 5 years focusing on sustainability, food and agriculture -- including working as a food retail consultant and Network Engagement Director for Slow Food USA in New York City. 

Everyday I work to bring these experiences together.